At Fat Pigeon, Hoozinc! has co-created a one-of-a-kind experience. Our carefully chosen artwork illustrates the central theme built around the diverse sections of a newspaper. We unite multiple styles of work and create different coherent zones spanning the page 3 culture, fanaticism of sports back pages, red-carpet frenzy of entertainment weekly, casual conversation over crosswords & comics and the lifestyle overdose of Sunday magazine.

Artwork Highlights:
– Massive jute canvas overlooking the page 3 bar area
– A 90s themed flashback cafe area, with nostalgic wooden pop arts
– Carnival themed boards to add a festive pop to the open air terrace
– A larger-than-life snakes and ladders wall mount and custom made beer pong table in the sports section
– Mural installation of a lady, symbolising the multi-faceted theme
– Mural of the Ramones guiding you to the restroom
– Doodle and newspaper wall in the lift lobby.
– Alphabet art on tables and several other signages.

Project NameFat Pigeon - Bar Hop
StyleWall Murals & Installations
CityRoad No. 45, Jubilee Hiils, Hyderabad