The torchbearers

We’ve always been the wacky sort and never saw ourselves fitting into a nine-to-five routine,” says Chandni Sakurikar, launching straight into how the store-Hooz-inc-which sells popular anime merchandise and art by upcoming artists, came about three years ago.

“We are pretty happy that we both opted for graffiti and art over any well-paying engi-neering job,” shares Nikhil Kapur, Sakurikar’s classmate and now business partner. They do stencil graffi ti for cafés, offices and homes in their own style, “rather than the more populist yet less aesthetic casual spraying on compound walls.” But even before they discovered how fulfi lling stencil graffiti could be, they were translating people’s pictures into pop art portraits. “We have made dozens of them and it is fun to see a face transform into a boldly exag-gerated, interesting version of the original.”

Hyderabad is still waking up to this kind of art but their client base is growing gradually to also include people who were earlier totally averse to it. “Opinions often change when people see the detailing and art in the end result,” says Sakurikar. Whether it’s a simple image of crows perched on a wire or the classic portrait of Audrey Hepburn with the cigarillo, Sakurikar and Kapur can turn plain walls into artsy attention getters. Website hoozinc.com

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